About us

Based in the heart of historic Cambridge, we work with small and medium sized technology companies helping them to scale their operations in order that they can turn themselves around and get back to profitable growth. Lack of scalability shows itself in many different ways. For example, inability to realise cost savings from a new technology or struggling with product quality. Most often the answers to the problems lie within the way that the business is managed.

Any turnaround starts with the customer. Delighted customers are at the core of any successful business which is why we are passionate about improving their experience – whether that is through exceptional service, the way that a product is designed and operates or even just the way that it is packaged.

Our ability to manage the big picture but still drill down into the detail and our broad experience from R&D and Operations to Sales and Marketing enables us to quickly establish what needs to be done, generate a true sense of urgency and put together the action plan. Unpicking organisations and putting them back together is our core competence.

We work with management teams setting clear goals and direction and developing their skills to ensure that the change program is implemented effectively. By working in this way, we ensure that changes are sustainable in the long-term.

Working in an international environment – especially in Germany – has taught us about the importance of excellent industrial design and the need to develop high quality but cost effective manufacturing locally rather than outsourcing to Asia.